Staff At Ggaba National Seminary

The academic Staff at Ggaba National Seminary

Fr. Lazarus Luyinda


Fr. Lazarus Luyinda - RECTOR – (Kasana-Luweero Diocese); LSS – Biblicum, Urbaniana University – Rome. Lecturer in Sacred Scripture

Fr. John Baptist Ssonko


Fr. John Baptist Ssonko – (Lugazi Diocese) – STD, Spiritual Theology, Sancta Croce. Lecturer in Spiritual Theology

Fr. Ferdinand Tillmann

Fr. Ferdinand Tillmann – (Missionaries of Africa) – LSS, Biblicum,. Lecturer in Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology

Fr. Francis Xavier Okello

Fr. Francis Xavier Okello - (Soroti Diocese) STL, STD (Church History, Gregoriana) Chair, Church History

Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde

Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde – (Jinja Diocese) STL, STD (Liturgy, St. Anselm) Lecturer in Liturgy

Fr. Stephen Candia


Fr. Stephen Candia – VICE RECTOR - (Arua Diocese) – STD, Germany. Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Fr. Vincent Ssekabira

Fr. Vincent Ssekabira – (Masaka Diocese) –LSS (Biblicum), STD Biblical Theology, Urbaniana . Lecturer in Sacred Scripture and Biblical Hebrew

Fr. Alex Kamanzi

Fr. Alex Kamanzi –(Kasese Diocese) JCL (Canon Law, Sancta Croce) Lecturer in Canon Law

Fr. Godfrey Etolu

Fr. Godfrey Etori – Jinja Diocese - STL (Pastoral Theology, Laterano) Lecturer in Pastoral Theology

Fr. Jude Jjuuko


Fr. Jude Jjuuko – (Masaka Diocese) - JCD, Urbaniana. Lecturer in Canon Law

Fr. Charles Ssennyondo

Fr. Charles Ssennyondo - (KasanaLuwero Diocese) STD University of St. Mary of the Lake, Chicago, Dogmatic Theology) Chair,Dogmatic/Systematic Theology.

Fr. Stephen Baryamujura

Fr. Stephen Baryamujura - (Mbarara Archdiocese) STL (Moral Theology, Angelicum) Chair, Moral Theology

Fr. Emmanuel Kimbowa

Fr. Emmanuel Kimbowa – (Kampala Archdiocese) STL, STD (Missiology, Urbaniana) Lecturer in Missiology